BREAKING: Millions of immigrants of color risk their lives to become victims of systemic racism in US

A constant flow from African and Central American countries of migrants is heading for the United States, the home of the worst systemic racism in the world ever.

What are they thinking? We asked some ivory tower white liberals to explain it to everyone.

“The United States invented racism and slavery. Everyone knows that,” Sallie Saskwatch from Berkeley, CA said. “Yet they’re minorities risking everything they have to come to the United States because minorities have it so bad here.”

Every day, thousands give up their safe space of their home country where they are part of an ethnic majority to come to America so that they can be systematically persecuted by white supremacists every day.

“People of color are horribly oppressed here–more than anywhere else in the world. They’re only coming here because they feel so impassioned about our cause that they want to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of these white privileged Black Lives Matter protesters.”

“Refugees from Africa and Asia are making their way to the United States in record numbers, obviously because they are gluttons for abuse. They want to be oppressed because they will be completely marginalized in this country, duh,” Saskwatch said.

“They will give you food and shelter and health care and an education and you’ll probably get a scholarship to attend an Ivy League school for free so that you can complain about how bad you have it! It will be horrible. That’s how much they care about this cause,” Saskwatch added.