Apple introduces new ‘reinvented’ coffee mug

Apple Electronics Company has released a new ceramic coffee mug for just under five thousand dollars US. They’re calling it the iMug

The new mug is a slight variation on the older iMug with the handle becoming an accessory that you can purchase separately for an additional $999.

The company hopes to sell 200,000 iMugs in the third quarter this year making it one of the most popular products in their catalogue.

The iMug was introduced at the annual Apple conference to much fanfare by CEO Tim Cook.

“We’re really excited about this new product,” Cook said. “We’re reinventing the coffee mug and going to change the world.”

You can put your favorite drink in it—coffee, tea, or even water.

“I can think of any of hundreds of drinks you can drink with it,” Cook said. “It’s really amazing.”


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