Where to Find Us

While we’re still proudly shadowbanned by the Ministry of Truth Fascbook and Twatter, there are some great outlets that still link to our hilarious content. Here are the top sites by volume:


Formerly TheDonald.win, this group of patriots understand current events, aren’t afraid of controversial topics, and have a good sense of humor.


Marketed as the the #1 Alternative to Drudge, this news aggregator site appreciates a good laugh every once in a while found through their member-driven content.


Surprisingly, several subreddits allow GT and the articles do well where they are allowed, naturally.


This PJ Media news aggregator has a good sense of humor too mixed in with the serious political articles.

Other good referrers:

My Stupid Page
Issues & Insights
The Right Reasons
The Briefing Room
Patriot Post
What Really Happened
Maggie’s Farm

Thank you for sharing!