Socialists are furious that workers of the world are uniting

OTTAWA, CANADA—Socialists in Canada and in various countries are furious today as workers of the world are uniting to protest fascist vaccine policies of the Trudeau government.

Truckers convoyed to Ottawa, the nation’s capital, for a protest outside of Parliament Saturday using their truck horns to be heard.

“This is insane. I can’t stand all the honking,” Canadian socialist Vlad Lemon said. “How am I supposed to enjoy my time on Twitter at my local Starbucks with all this honking?”

The socialists claim that the truckers should just shut up and obey the dictates of their pharmaceutical-industrial complex overlords.

“It’s not hard. Pfizer and Moderna are totally benevolent companies and if they produce a product, you better take it,” Lemon said.

The socialist anti-workers poster

The Canadian socialists have taken to counter-protesting with chants of “Workers disband!”

“I totally hate these fascist truckers. Can’t they just obey the corporate-government system that gives us everything we need?” Lemon added.


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