Congress unveils statue of Jamaal Bowman pulling fire alarm in Capitol Rotunda

WASHINGTON, DC—The Congress has unveiled a new statue of outgoing Congressman Jamaal Bowman pulling a fire alarm, commemorating his unique contribution to legislative procedures.

The life-sized bronze statue, titled “Alarmed Leadership,” captures the very moment Bowman heroically yanked the fire alarm in the Capitol building, an act that will be remembered for its creativity in congressional disruption tactics and totally not insurrection.

During the unveiling ceremony, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson praised Bowman’s innovative approach to legislative participation. “Bowman showed us that when you can’t argue your way out, you can always alarm your way out. This statue serves as a reminder to future generations that creativity and chaos can go hand in hand in the halls of power.”

Bowman, who has recently announced his departure from Congress to pursue a career in fire safety education, was visibly moved by the honor. “I never imagined that my most memorable act in Congress would be immortalized in bronze. It’s not every day you get to disrupt a session and get a statue out of it,” he said, wiping away a tear.

In his farewell speech, Bowman reflected on his career. “Some people draft legislation, others give stirring speeches, but I found my niche. Sometimes you just have to pull the lever, or in my case, the alarm, to make sure your voice is heard – even if it’s drowned out by sirens.”

The statue stands as a parting gift from his colleagues, many of whom have found solace in the humor of the moment. “In these divisive times, it’s nice to remember that we can all come together to laugh at the absurdity of our actions,” said a chuckling Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “Jamaal has truly left his mark – and a lasting sound – on Capitol Hill.”

Critics, however, were less amused. “This is a glorification of obstructionism,” grumbled one anonymous congressman. “What’s next? A statue of someone locking the doors to prevent a quorum?”

Despite the controversy, the statue has quickly become a favorite among visitors. Tourists flock to see “Alarmed Leadership,” many posing with their hands mimicking the pulling of an imaginary fire alarm, ensuring Bowman’s legacy of emergency-induced legislative pauses endures.

The statue has also inspired a new wave of congressional memorabilia. Gift shops are now stocked with miniature replicas, complete with a pullable alarm that triggers a recorded message from Bowman himself: “When in doubt, pull it out!”

As Bowman steps away from his congressional duties, his colleagues and constituents alike can look to his statue and remember that sometimes, making an impact is just a matter of knowing when to sound the alarm.


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