FACT CHECK: Cognitive ability is NOT relevant to holding public office

US—Following last week’s NBC interview with braindead Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, several posts on social media recently have claimed that cognitive ability is somehow relevant or important to holding public office but there is no evidence of that.

President Joe Biden exhibits unmistakable signs of dementia, getting lost while standing still, turning to shake hands with people who are not there, and asking after dead people. Things have gotten so bad that White House staff now search for mascots they could even remotely associate with any event at which Biden is forced to appear, in the hope that a giant fluffy Easter Bunny or a jolly Santa might attract his attention and be able to guide him away from reporters and little girls, whenever cameras might be present.

Fact-checkers also cited the diminished mental acuity exhibited by an increasing number of Democrats. Whether due to advanced age, excessive drug use, or vain attempts to cope with the experience of guilt resulting from their moral turpitude, concern has grown over what appears to many as a dangerous lack of general competence among Democrats in the public trust. Some have even floated the controversial theory that Democrat mental incompetency may explain explosive inflation, the collapse of border security, rocketing interest rates, surging crime, the dismantling of the U.S. energy supply, and the impending threat of nuclear war, all experienced since January 20, 2021, when Joe Biden took office, but fact checkers say that this is all the fault of Donald Trump, and things are really much better now than they would have been were Trump still in office.

In response to concerns over widespread cognitive decline among Democrats in leadership, supporters have begun to level charges of “ableism,” noting that holding public office has nothing to do with mental fitness because the real work of government is done by unelected bureaucrats in the Deep State.  “You don’t have to know where you are or what you’re doing, or even your own name to be a senator or a president,” said Gisele Fetterman in an interview with Genesius Times, “so discriminating against the mentally impaired, and saying they’re ‘unfit’ to hold public office, just shows how bigoted and hateful Republicans really are.”

In a Save America Rally on Friday, however, former president Donald Trump expressed the Right-Wing extremist view that elected officials should run the country, not unelected bureaucrats, and that Deep State undermines the system of government established by the bigoted white, Christian, male framers of the Constitution whose hateful views MAGA Republicans champion today.  Mrs. Fetterman says that “MAGA dog whistles like, ‘drain the swamp,’ and ‘the Deep State,’ and ‘I just want a senator who can string together three complete words,’ are really just hate speech intended to gin up opposition against cognitively impaired citizens in public office, so they could replace our democracy with an authoritarian regime subject to the consent of the governed. It’s just dangerous and un-American.”


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