Local employee unable to be included in company’s inclusion groups

Greg Thompson, a local employee of NationCorp, has embarked on a fruitless journey in search of an inclusion group that will actually include him. Despite his best efforts, Thompson has faced rejection and disappointment at every turn, leaving him feeling like the ultimate outcast in the realm of inclusivity. Despite his best efforts, Thompson has become a living embodiment of the saying, “The more, the merrier, except for Greg.”

Thompson, a well-intentioned individual with a penchant for wearing mismatched socks and an impressive collection of diversity-themed coffee mugs, was initially excited to contribute his unique perspective to the company’s inclusion initiatives. Little did he know that his quest for belonging would result in a series of rejections that left him questioning the very notion of inclusivity.

“I thought I had all the right qualifications,” Thompson sighed, a bewildered expression on his face. “I even attended those mandatory diversity training sessions and bought a shirt with the word ‘inclusion’ spelled out in various languages. How much more inclusive can you get?”

His first attempt at joining the company’s “Unity Squad” was met with puzzled looks from the group’s members. They collectively scratched their heads and muttered, “But Greg, you’re already a part of the majority. We need someone from a marginalized group to balance things out.” Thompson’s dreams of contributing his perspectives on unity were promptly dashed.

Undeterred, Thompson tried to infiltrate the “Diverse Thinkers Club,” hoping to share his out-of-the-box ideas and perspectives. However, his enthusiasm was met with skepticism and raised eyebrows. “We’re looking for individuals who can bring a fresh perspective to the table, Greg,” the club leader said, stifling a laugh. “And by fresh, we mean anything but yours.”

In a last-ditch effort, Thompson sought solace in the company’s “Inclusive Innovators” group, a gathering of employees known for their creative ideas and open minds. But alas, it seemed his ideas were a little too innovative for their taste. “Greg, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but we’re not quite ready for that level of inclusion yet,” the group’s facilitator politely remarked, stifling a yawn.

As Thompson reflects on his failed attempts at inclusion, he finds solace in the irony of it all. “Who would have thought that someone so committed to inclusivity could be excluded so effortlessly?” he mused, sipping his coffee from a mug that reads, “Diversity Makes the World Go Round.”

Thompson remains hopeful that one day he will find his place within an inclusion group that appreciates his unique perspective, quirky socks, and all. Until then, he will continue to question the true meaning of inclusion and ponder the irony of being excluded from a group aimed at embracing diversity.

In a world that claims to value inclusivity, it is a humorous reminder that sometimes even the most well-intentioned individuals can find themselves left out in the cold. Perhaps one day, the company’s inclusion groups will realize that true diversity means including everyone, even those who don’t neatly fit into predefined categories.


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