Local man unsure if going further into national debt to kill babies is a good idea

A local man remained unsure about the United States federal government policy of going further into debt in order to kill helpless babies is a good fiscal policy.

“I mean, from a purely fiscal standpoint, we’re already over $21 trillion in debt. It doesn’t make much sense to go further into debt in order to kill babies.”

He said that some things like roads and military defense of the homeland might warrant spending money plus interest to go into debt for, but baby genocide isn’t one of those things.

Currently, the federal government gives over half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood, the largest baby killer in the United States.

When asked how Planned Parenthood would pay for all the baby killing they do without federal funds, he shrugged. “I don’t know. Out of all the things the federal government could go into debt to pay for, maybe baby mutilation isn’t one of them?”

Despite the budget questions raised, spokesmen from the House Budget Committee said that killing babies will remain a financial priority for the country.


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