OPINION: Stop mass shootings by taking guns from the only people who stop mass shootings

Thoughts and prayers don’t stop mass shootings!

For every deadly mass shooting, there are dozens of potential mass shootings that were stopped because a concealed carry holder was present and shot the crazy guy dead.

That’s why we need to pass common sense gun laws to prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns. Duh! If we could make it so that only police officers and criminals had guns, we would all feel so much safer!

So, I’m demanding that everyone who owns a gun to go turn it into the authorities and leave all the protecting to them.

Clearly, from the Parkland school shooting where the cop staying in his car outside the school while people were getting shot up and the Christchurch incident where police took over a half hour to get to the crime scene, we can trust these guys!

But some random New Zealander with a pistol shot at the killer twice and prevented more killing in Christchurch.

We can change the world! We can stop mass shootings by taking away guns from the only people who stop mass shootings!


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