Pope Francis to bring back Inquisition for Cuomo, New York legislators after abortion bill

After New York passed a bill allowing abortion to be performed up to the point of birth, calls have come in for excommunication of the Catholic legislators and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Bishops from around the state have mentioned their disapproval of the bill but Pope Francis is getting Medieval on the state and will re-institute the Inquisition especially for New York.

“It baffles the mind when you think about these people thinking that killing a fully-grown baby in the womb can be acceptable,” Pope Francis said in his weekly address. “Therefore, we will be taking all the steps necessary to purify the clearly demon-possessed legislators and Mr. Cuomo.”

The Inquisition was a group of courts and governance in Medieval Europe with the aim of combating heresy. When subjects were found guilty of various heresies, they were imprisoned, tortured, and sometimes burned at the stake.

Pope Francis felt that excommunication was too easy on these people.

“We’re bringing out the big guns,” Pope Francis said. “The rack, burning at the stake, the works. These folks deserve nothing but the best.”

“They basically signed the death warrant of millions of innocent babies, so, yeah, i guess you could say it’s warranted,” Canon Lawyer Bill Miggs said.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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