Rapper 50 Cent changes name to 85 Cent to reflect current inflation


In an unprecedented move, rapper and entrepreneur Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, has officially changed his stage name to 85 Cent, citing the need to reflect the current state of inflation in the United States.

The announcement, which was made during a live performance at Madison Square Garden, left fans and critics alike stunned and bewildered. Addressing the crowd, 85 Cent explained, “I’ve always been about keeping it real, and right now, we’re living in a time of economic uncertainty. Prices are going up, and I ain’t no fool. So, I figured it’s time for me to step up and show the world that I’m still the king of the hustle.”

The name change has sparked a flurry of debate among economists, with some arguing that it is a clever marketing ploy designed to capitalize on the current economic climate. Others, however, have criticized the move, claiming that it trivializes the very real struggles faced by millions of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet.

“It’s actually really wrong. If he were to rename it true to the actual inflation, he would be more like 266 Cent,” Economist FA Hayek said.

Despite the controversy, 85 Cent has shown no signs of backing down, and has even announced plans to release a new album titled “Inflation Nation,” featuring tracks such as “Bread Line Blues” and “Money, Money, Mo’ Inflation.” In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper-turned-inflation-icon stated, “I’m not just a musician, I’m a businessman. And right now, business is booming. I’m giving the people what they want: a soundtrack for these inflationary times.”

In the wake of 85 Cent’s name change, other celebrities have followed suit, with some changing their monikers to reflect the rising cost of living. Notable examples include Lil’ Inflation, Jay-Zee (formerly Jay-Z), and Taylor Swiften (formerly Taylor Swift). While it remains to be seen whether this trend will catch on, one thing is certain: in the age of inflation, even the rich and famous aren’t immune to the rising tide of economic uncertainty.


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