In loving memory of Karine Jean-Pierre, also known as “Wanda’, the dynamic and unforgettable actress who stole our hearts on In Living Color and went on to become the White House Press Secretary under President Joe Biden. Wanda, who first appeared on our screens in 1990, quickly became an icon with her sass, style, and unforgettable catchphrases.

Born on a bright, sunny day in the mind of Keenen Ivory Wayans, Wanda went on to captivate audiences with her larger-than-life personality and unique fashion sense. Known for her outrageous outfits and even more outrageous hairstyles, Wanda made a lasting impression and inspired countless fans.

After her time on In Living Color, Wanda continued to shine in the world of comedy, eventually transitioning into politics. In a surprising turn of events, Wanda was appointed as the White House Press Secretary under President Biden, where she quickly became a beloved and respected figure.

Wanda’s tenure as Press Secretary was marked by her unwavering dedication to transparency, honesty, and integrity. She fearlessly faced the press, answering tough questions with grace and wit. Her infectious laugh and quick wit endeared her to the American public, and she became a symbol of hope and resilience during challenging times.

Wanda’s untimely passing has left a void in our hearts and in the White House. We will miss her infectious laughter, her fierce independence, and her unwavering dedication to her country. But we take comfort in knowing that her legacy will live on through her countless fans and the countless lives she touched.

Rest in power, Wanda. You will always be remembered and loved. Thank you for sharing your talent and your light with us.


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