Rockland County mandates anti-vaxxers to wear yellow star so we can identify them easier

The measles outbreak in Rockland County, New York has reached catastrophic levels. It’s like Armageddon in the area with people dropping like flies, according to some reports. The epidemic is worst among the county’s orthodox Jewish populations.

As a result, Rockland County Executive Ed Day has issued a State of Emergency, and banned all unvaccinated people under the age of 18 from public areas including stores, places of worship, schools, and workplaces.

During the press conference for the launch of the completely reasonable medical fascism, questions arose about how the county was going to identify unvaccinated (unvaxxed) people.

“We are going to issue yellow stars for all the people who choose not to vaccinate,” Day said. “These stars will be required to be visible at all times of the day and especially when out of the house.”

“If you are caught in a public area during the ban with your yellow star, you may face a $50 fine and six months in jail. If you were issued a yellow star and are not wearing it when you are apprehended, you will be sent to a nearby FEMA camp, where you will be held indefinitely.”

Day stressed that this was for the greater good of society. “We’re not going to go chasing people down. We don’t want to arrest people. We just don’t want unvaccinated people intermingling with the rest of us during this crisis.”

“We will exterminate these horrible people—I mean, this horrible disease—from our county one way or the other.”


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