Thousands of US companies celebrating Noahic covenant in June

US—In a show of solidarity for biblical principles and in particular the traditional nuclear family, thousands of companies across the US are celebrating the Noahic covenant.

In this covenant with all living creatures, God promises never again to destroy all life on Earth by flood and creates the rainbow as the sign of this “everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth”.

“The rainbow, being God’s sign, is a beautiful and colorful way to honor God and the family,” Roger Rogerstein of Google said. “I’m just happy that we could be a part of such an honorable celebration.”

“The Noahic Covenant is an unconditional covenant because it does not depend upon anything Noah or his descendants had to do to fulfill the covenant,” Marge Filthhead of Netflix said.

“The promise is based upon God’s faithfulness alone. Because of God’s faithfulness to always do what He says He will do, we can know today with certainty that there will never be another worldwide flood as there was in the days of Noah, no matter how wicked mankind becomes. Neither the wickedness nor the righteousness of mankind affects this unconditional covenant. There is no condition under which God will renege on His promise.”

“Whenever you see the rainbow, you should think of God’s love. That’s what we want to convey here at Netflix.”

Originally published June 3, 2019


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