100 Pharma CEOs sign letter calling “attention to opioid deaths bad for business”

More brave CEO’s have entered the fray to discuss the implications of public concerns for human life in relation to corporate bottom lines. Taking a cue from the brave actions of coastal Corporate Executives last month to make states like Georgia and Alabama reconsider the value they place on innocent human life, Pharmaceutical companies across the country are now sounding an alarm for “undue attention placed on the death counts in flyover country caused by opioid prescriptions.”

These very progressive, and very brave, CEO’s insist that maybe all those backwoods journalists shining a light on the practices of their companies in twisting the arms of doctors all over the country to over prescribe their pain killers may want to consider how it is hurting their stocks. “There are more important things to consider than some Trump voter in flyover country who cannot kick a habit that we practically forced on him with bad drug practices. How do they expect me to put my kids through Harvard and pay three McMansion notes without peddling my medicine like some high-rolling crack dealer?” One corporate executive who wished to remain anonymous went on record to say.

Whatever you’re thoughts on the drug epidemics in the midwest, society needs a moral light in the dark and I for one am happy it can be these beacons of progress in the pharmaceutical industry. They even put rainbows on their logos to commemorate other wealthy, powerful, yet marginalized citizens for pride month.

Let’s hope this shocks the consciousness of America for the better.


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