35-year-old agrees to move out of parents’ basement, give up allowance

Millennials have had it hard in this economy despite the boom in the UK. That’s why it’s great to see when on finally starts to make his way in the world on his own with a meager net worth of $45 million.

Harry Mountbatten-Windsor of London is finally moving out of his parents’ basement in Westminster.

He had been living there since childhood and receiving an allowance despite having worked and been in the military. He still couldn’t afford a place of his own.

He was married recently to an American, Meghan, who appears to have inspired him to take the plunge and move out.

The couple do not know what they will do for income but they’re considering selling some family jewels to make ends meet in the meantime.

The main consideration is their ambiguous gender child who will unambiguously need to eat. Whatever comes their way, Harry and Meghan have each other and that’s what matters.

This is the kind of heartwarming story that’s sure to inspire many generations to come.


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