Activist reveals new fully-inclusive LGBTQ+ acronym with 8 billion characters

Activists group Identititarian Linguists Lithograph (ILL) have published a book containing the latest, most inclusive acronym for the LGBTQQIX2+ community to date with over 8 billion characters.

“It took quite a while to compose the 200,000 page book with the complete acronym,” witnesses say, “but the finished product is well worth it.”

The acryonym was LGB for decades until activists added the “T” for transgender and “Q” for queer. The Canadians added 2S for “two spirit” and use LGBTQ2S. But many people felt excluded by the short acronym.

“Why don’t you recognize Purple Polka-Dotted Fuzzies in your acronym?” Bryn Metha of Los Angeles wrote ILL. “It’s like you are denying my existence. You’re causing violence to me by not including my identity in your acronym!”

The new acronym has multiple instances of each alphabet character, several numbers, some hieroglyphics, and about a million emojis. It even contains several continuous digits of the mathematics constant known as Pi (3.14159) for those identify as a circle or something.

“When people don’t identify with a word or anything that you can describe verbally, it’s nice to have an emoji that you can stake your life’s identity on—that is until you change it,” Michael Robspierre, ILL’s president said in a statement. “We want this to be the most inclusive acronym possible, not leaving any marginalized minority out.”

In fact, the acronym has more than the number of people that live on the planet at the time of press.

Originally published Jan 3, 2019.


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