Biden calls an early lid on presidency

WASHINGTON, DC—President Biden is calling an early lid to his presidency but Vice President Kamala Harris will be carrying on with scheduled in-person events.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that this lid in no way indicates that Biden isn’t fit to be president.

“The president is fully capable of fulfilling all of his presidential duties, including sitting by the fire, not tweeting mean things, and eating ice cream. He just is calling an early lid,” Psaki said.

Biden has been praised for taking such a hands-off approach to governing.

“It’s great to see a president so uninvolved,” political analyst Sam Eagle said. “Aside from his 2,000 executive orders, it’s almost like Biden’s not even president and someone else is pulling the strings.”

The early presidential lid means that Biden will not be making anymore appearances as president, including the joint Address to Congress.


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