A black man, Reginald Smith of Lake, Colorado is being sued for not providing a cake for a KKK rally in nearby Dearborn.

Dearborn KKK Grand Master Charles “Zippy” Maris claims that his civil rights were violated because Smith didn’t produce a cake for him with wording disparaging blacks. “When the n*** wouldn’t bake the cake for our Klan rally, I found it deeply offensive and dehumanizing especially in the midst of arranging what should be a joyful family celebration,” Maris said.

Smith claims that, “That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t even bake for a living. I’m a mechanic and this dumby wants me to make a cake for his racist a**. Just stupid.”

Colorado law states that if you provide a public service, then you have to do really illogical things against your deeply held beliefs or else they’ll ruin you.

“I guess I’ll give them what they want,” Smith said. “But they’re not going to like it. It’ll probably be a store-bought cake with some engine grease on it.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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