BLM/ANTIFA rioters accidentally destroy the wrong ballots

For years, Democrats have had a safety net in winning close elections. In addition having the Post office throw away military absentee ballots, registering dead and illegals to vote, and blocking voter id laws, Democrats have been able to get over the top with ballots found after the election. In 1960, there was widespread voter fraud in the election in Texas, Missouri, and Illinois that tipped the election in John F. Kennedy’s favor. Leaders from Dwight Eisenhower to Everett Dirksen urged Nixon to contest the election. Nixon refused. Ballots “found” in King County in Washington allowed Democrats to steal a Governor’s race in 2004. Sadly, despite recent leftist judicial activism victories in the court system, the effort to steal the election for sleepy Joe has hit a snag.

The anti-fracking life long bureaucrat pretending to be a blue collar man from Scranton couldn’t seem to get crowds of folks to show up in the fossil fuel state. Therefore, the Philadelphia riots after another thug tried to kill the police was orchestrated in a normal procedure. Media made the Wallace incident to look like a racial killing, Soros funded groups bused in rioters and started riots, and of course Democrat mayors issued stand down orders instead of stopping the riots. Everything was going great until the mail in ballot stashes were raided.

During the peaceful protest, peaceful looters accidentally stole pre-labeled ballots from several different polling locations and other hiding spots. “We had to hide ballots in hard to find places due to non compliant media running around with cameras and the fact that #Trump won’t accept voter fraud like Nixon did,” said state Democrat operative Han Gingchad. The Washing Machine for Justice seen in media has at least 500 ballots inside it. “If someone uses that device, we could lose a congressional seat to either a black or Hispanic Republican”, stated Democratic Party operative Miam Idade. David Torres and Michael Harvey are running as Republicans in the Philadelphia area.

If you have any information on where these prefilled ballots are located, please call the Democratic Party at 1-900-666-soros. Do not call the police that Democrats are trying to defund.


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