BREAKING: A majority of wolves vote to kill several sheep

KANSAS—An overwhelmingly majority of wolves voted today to eat several sheep.

It was the first electoral test of the issue since the US Supreme Court allowed states to ban the killing and eating of defenseless sheep.

Sheep were not allowed to vote.

If the ballot had gone the other way, lawmakers could have moved to further restrict or ban the killing and eating of sheep in Kansas by wolves.

The ballot question in Kansas had been hotly anticipated since the US Supreme Court two months ago overturned a ruling which allowed wolves to kill and eat sheep across the country.

Projections suggest Kansans voted by more than 60% to uphold the state’s constitutional right for wolves to eat sheep.

It’s just a projection for now, and the official result will be confirmed in a week.

For Democrats and pro-sheep-slaughter groups, this is a sign that American wolves want to continue to kill sheep.


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