BREAKING: Biden shocked to learn he’s running for president again in 2024

In a stunning turn of events, President Joe Biden reportedly had a major “uh-oh” moment when he learned that he is running for president again in 2024. According to anonymous sources close to the president, Biden was completely taken aback by the news, having forgotten that he was already serving as the president.

“I could see the confusion on his face,” said one White House insider. “He kept asking, ‘Wait, I’m running for president again? Didn’t we just do this?'”

In another lucid moment, Biden expressed surprise that he was currently president.

“Wait, I’m president? Of the United States?” Biden said.

The sources claim that Biden was under the impression that his current term would be his last and that he could finally retire to his beloved ice cream collection and spend his days peacefully whispering to plants in the White House garden.

“He had big plans, you know,” said a member of Biden’s staff. “He was looking forward to catching up on all the latest episodes of ‘The Price is Right’ and finally beating his high score in Mario Kart.”

The revelation reportedly sent shockwaves through the administration, with aides scrambling to reassure the president that he had indeed been elected for a second term. They even had to show him videos of his own campaign rallies and inauguration to jog his memory.

“It was like watching someone rediscover their own existence,” said a senior advisor. “But eventually, it started to sink in, and he said, ‘Well, I guess I better start brushing up on my speeches.'”

While some critics argue that this situation highlights concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, his supporters insist that it’s just a lighthearted case of forgetfulness. “Hey, we all have our moments, right?” said one enthusiastic Biden voter. “I’m just glad he’s willing to step up and run again, even if it did catch him by surprise.”

As the news spreads, the political world is abuzz with speculation about Biden’s chances in the 2024 election. Some wonder if he’ll be able to recapture the same magic that propelled him to victory in 2020, while others ponder if he’ll simply forget he’s running and accidentally concede to an opponent during a debate.

In any case, one thing is for sure: Joe Biden’s unexpected realization that he’s running for president again is sure to be the talk of the town. And who knows, maybe this surprise will inspire him to come up with some brand-new ice cream flavors to celebrate his unexpected encore performance on the political stage.


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