Biden DOJ investigating if Nashville cops committed hate crime by misgendering trans school shooter

WASHINGTON, DC—The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced an investigation into whether Nashville law enforcement committed a hate crime by initially misgendering a trans person who mostly peacefully killed some people at a school earlier this year.

“This is a serious crime and we’re going to work very hard to make sure those responsible of the misgendering are held accountable,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said.

The incident in question occurred when law enforcement first referred to the shooter using incorrect pronouns, unaware of their gender identity. The DOJ has taken swift action, insisting that misgendering is not only a matter of politeness but can also have legal ramifications.

Critics of the investigation argue that focusing on misgendering detracts from the more pressing issues at hand, such as addressing gun violence and ensuring the safety of schools. “I’m all for respecting pronouns, but shouldn’t we be more concerned about preventing future incidents like this?” questioned one exasperated parent.

However, the DOJ remains firm in its stance. “We cannot underestimate the power of language and the impact it has on individuals,” stated a spokesperson for the DOJ. “Misgendering can be deeply hurtful and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. It’s our duty to investigate whether this incident constitutes a hate crime.”

As news of the investigation spread, opinions across the political spectrum began to emerge. Some lauded the Biden administration for taking such a progressive stance on pronoun usage, while others rolled their eyes and wondered if this was the best use of government resources.

One satirical commentator quipped, “I guess we’ve solved all the other crimes in the country if we have the time and energy to investigate misgendering.” Another sarcastically suggested that perhaps law enforcement should now be equipped with gender sensitivity training and a thesaurus to avoid future linguistic mishaps.

Meanwhile, some conservatives have seized on the opportunity to mock the investigation, playfully suggesting that perhaps they should also investigate mispronunciations of last names or misuse of the Oxford comma.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the misgendering incident will be deemed a hate crime or a simple oversight. Nevertheless, it has certainly opened up a dialogue about the importance of using correct pronouns and the potential legal consequences for failing to do so.

In the end, the Nashville misgendering investigation serves as a reminder that in today’s society, pronouns are no laughing matter. It’s a brave new world where words have weight, and even the slip of a tongue can lead to an official inquiry. So, be mindful of your pronouns, folks. The language police might just be listening.


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