BREAKING: DC erects border wall around city to keep Texas from sending illegal immigrants there

WASHINGTON, DC—Mayor Muriel “Bow Wow” Bowser has erected a border wall around the perimeter of the nation’s capital to keep all the illegal immigrants being shipped in from Texas out of the city.

“We want open borders in our country, but not our city,” Bowser said in a press conference announcing the decision.

The move came shortly after the first busload of illegal aliens arrived in DC with help from The Texas Division of Emergency Management under orders from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The unique project will cost the federal government just $140 billion and be taken from the National Border Patrol budget.

“Walls do not work, except for the ones around our city, of course. That big beautiful wall I’m building.” Bowser said.

The migrants, who will be camping out just outside the DC border wall, came from nations like Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.


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