BREAKING: FBI arrest person of interest in Rainbow Bridge terrorist attack

NIAGRA FALLS—In a plot that sounds like a rejected script for an action movie, the FBI has shocked the nation by apprehending a 98-year-old grandmother, accusing her of masterminding a daring terrorist plot to take control of the Niagara Falls bridge. The only piece of evidence? A red “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat conveniently found in her knitting basket.

The elderly suspect, affectionately known as “Gramma Patriot,” had been living a seemingly peaceful life filled with bingo, afternoon tea, and heated debates with neighbors about the merits of apple pie. Little did her neighbors know that beneath the gentle exterior lurked the alleged mastermind of a nefarious plan to commandeer one of North America’s iconic landmarks.

FBI agents descended upon Gramma Patriot’s quaint cottage with the precision of a SWAT team expecting the unexpected. Witnesses reported seeing Grandma being escorted out of her home in handcuffs, with the MAGA hat perched defiantly on her perfectly-coiffed white hair.

The arrest has left many scratching their heads, questioning how a 98-year-old could be capable of orchestrating such a complex plot. FBI spokesperson Agent Smith (or was it Agent Johnson?) addressed the media, saying, “Age is just a number, and so is the number of knitting needles she had in her arsenal. Grandma or not, we take threats to national landmarks seriously.”

The only evidence presented during the press conference was the infamous red MAGA hat found among Gramma Patriot’s collection of yarn and crossword puzzles. When pressed about the seemingly flimsy connection, Agent Smith (or was it Agent Johnson?) responded, “These hats are a known symbol of dissent. Just ask anyone who’s ever been to a political rally or a golf course.”

Critics argue that the arrest is part of a broader pattern of targeting elderly Trump supporters. “I mean, come on, she’s 98! The only thing she’s terrorizing is her grandchildren’s patience with stories about the good old days,” remarked one commentator.

In the meantime, Gramma Patriot is awaiting trial, knitting her way through prison and maintaining her innocence. As the nation watches this bizarre turn of events unfold, one can’t help but wonder if the real crime here is the fashion faux pas of using a MAGA hat as evidence.


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