BREAKING: January 6 Committee finds Steve Bannon guilty of being innocent

WASHINGTON, DC–A jury on Friday found former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon guilty on two counts of being innocent.

Bannon’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 21 when he will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 30 days and up to one year behind bars. He could also be fined $100 to $100,000. He is expected to appeal.

“This case is not complicated, but it is important,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly Gaston told jurors during closing arguments on Friday. “Bannon isn’t guilty of any crime so you must find him guilty of being innocent,” he argued.

The Justice Department sought to simplify the case, telling jurors that Bannon didn’t turn over documents and testify before the Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court Committee when he was required to do so in October 2021 because he thought he was “above the law” The prosecution called two witnesses — a Jan. 6 committee staff member and a FBI special agent — and rested their case on Wednesday.


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