British troops triggered by ‘Come and Take it’ flag, condemn it as hate speech

The British are coming… to say they were triggered by the guerilla revolutionaries of the American Founding. It all started in Sunbury, Georgia—circa 1778–when the British Colonel Fuser demanded a small contingent of Americans surrender to his military. Colonel Macintosh, who led the rebellion at Fort Morris, emphatically stated “Come and Take it.”

The Brits didn’t know what hit them. In all their years of using force to terrorize peaceful citizens, none of their victims lacked scruples of this magnitude. “It’s clearly hate speech I tell ya. I’ve never been so offended in my life!” One of the red’s infantrymen was directly quoted. “He we are trying to benevolently rule these American savages and they threaten to take our lives when we demand they give up their firearms? What kind of backwoods nonsense is this?”

How might the British ever bring peace and subjugation to these American Colonies when they berate their overlords every time there is an effort to infringe on their God given rights? How will the British ever establish their beautiful utopia if the Americans lob around hateful ideas like defending themselves from tyrants. “Come and take it!” the revolutionaries shout, completely indifferent to how outside the bounds of decent human discourse such phrases really are.

The Brits are triggered, the Americans are hate mongers, and I’m just dreaming of instilling my perfect utopia by force.


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