BREAKING: All Democratic candidates arrested for bribing voters with stolen money

All official Democratic candidates for president in the 2020 election have been arrested for trying to bribe voters with stolen money, the FBI said Saturday.

“We’ve arrested all 714 candidates,” FBI Directory Phil Abuster said. “Each will have varying degrees of the same charge, which is voter fraud: bribery with stolen money.”

The money in question is being earned by hardworking Americans across the country.

Andrew Yang has been the most brazen about the fraud, offering everyone $1,000 a month of other people’s money to vote for him,” Abuster said. “But they’re all in on the scheme.

Sanders has promised free healthcare. Harris has offered reparations for slavery. Biden has offered free ice cream and hair sniffs.

The investigation is ongoing.

Some claim that this is a way for Hillary Clinton to clear the field for the 2020 nomination without bothering to campaign.


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