Buffalo shooting is NY’s worst mass murder since Cuomo killed 15k nursing home patients in 2020

BUFFALO—New York is grieving and they are scared after 10 people – now named by officials – were gunned down in the worst mass murder in the state since the government killed 15,000 nursing home residents during COVID.

The victims, aged between 32 and 86, were shot dead by the suspected gunman on Saturday afternoon.

“We haven’t seen this level of despicable disregard for humanity since Andrew Cuomo tried to kill half the state during COVID,” GT shooting correspondent Jerry Smithers said.

Among those killed were a former police officer, a woman who helped feed the poor and a man who drove shoppers to and from the market.

Several of the victims were survivors of Cuomo’s mass murder just two years ago.

“We’re not going to award anyone for this mass murder like we did for Cuomo,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul said.

Cuomo won several awards including an Emmy for his mass murder in 2020.


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