Biden to release 100m barrels of baby formula from strategic reserves, send it to the border

WASHINGTON, DC—Americans can rest easy on the baby food shortage according to President Joe Biden, announcing he will issue an executive order to release baby formula from the National Strategic Baby Food Reserves.

Sources say that Biden plans to send the entire stockpile to the Southern border to give to illegal immigrants.

The current baby food shortage is attributed to a TikTok challenge where pregnant women stay in a bath of baby formula, protesting, until the Supreme Court rules on Roe v Wade.

When asked where these reserves are he replied, “Somewhere under a mountain… they’re secure… can’t, what a kind of a dumb ass question is that?”

When asked about the here to fore unknown reserves, Jen Psaki responded, “I can circle back to that, or just email or have my guy call your guy or maybe… you know what, Joe was just joking around, I’m sure the will be plenty of formula after this weekend’s “Abortion Marathon” on PBS… check you local listings.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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