Buttigieg wears fabulous Marie Antoinette dress in energy event: ‘Let them drive electric’

WASHINGTON, DC—Look out red carpet! US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wore a fabulous dress owned by the one and only Marie Antoinette in an event promoting electric vehicles amidst skyrocketing inflation in energy prices.

“If gas is too expensive for the little struggling Americans, let them drive electric,” Buttigieg said before giggling for several minutes.

It was the first time a US transportation secretary has worn a dress to a press conference, much less a dress that was so fabulous.

Gas prices hit all-time highs in the US preceding the event but that didn’t stop Buttigieg from getting there in style with a convoy of 10 Suburban trucks.

Vice President Kamala Harris joined Buttigieg in a regular old pantsuit.

“Imagine a future: where no one can afford to eat because they’re paying for electricity to charge their cars. Well, you all imagined it,” Harris said before cackling for several minutes.


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