Charges on Cuomo dropped after he agrees to harass at least 50% transwomen from now on

ALBANY, NY–Just hours after President* Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign, the state’s attorney general has dropped all charges when Cuomo agreed to harass at least 50% transwomen from now on.

Cuomo will be able continue groping and harassing women as long as 50% of them are transwomen.

Linda Boobice of the New York #metoo chapter is happy with the compromise.

“We are as woke as it gets and it really doesn’t matter if the governor is kissing or groping women against their will as long as he’s giving equal time to the trans community,” Boobice said.

Cuomo said that he was excited to start treating the trans community equally.

“I may be an abusive dirtbag politician, but I don’t want to hear anyone say that I’m a bigot against the trans community,” Cuomo said.

Everyone was delighted that the political battle has directed attention away from the fact that Cuomo and several other Democratic governors killed thousands of people through perverse COVID nursing home rules.

Longtime Cuomo fan and activist Alyssa Milano said that he is brave for taking this stand against harassment prejudice.

Women should be honored to be harassed by such a great man,” Milano said.


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