Cuomo blames his pen for making him sign nursing home order that killed thousands

NEW YORK—Governor Andrew Cuomo has accepted the responsibility of blaming his pen for making him sign the nursing home order, which killed thousands of elderly during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Genesius Times has revealed Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, admitted the administration used a specific pen that was known for getting governors to sign deadly executive orders.

Cuomo never directly addressed DeRosa’s recorded remarks in which she admitted “we froze” over whether to come clean to the Legislature — or the public — about using the wicked pen.

“I take full responsibility in my decision to use the pen. I should have vetted it better. But it was the pen’s fault for getting me to sign that horrible and deadly executive order,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo once again claimed that the state had always reported the number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19 — even though it only began releasing figures on those who died in hospitals after a damning report last month by state Attorney General Letitia James, a fellow Democrat.

“I did nothing wrong,” Cuomo said. “If you need someone to blame, try the pen that actually signed the order!”


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