Feminist Christian wants to replace ‘Amen’ with ‘Awomyn’

In the spirit of Pope Francis’ initiative to change the wording of the Lord’s Prayer, local feminist and Pinterest user, Kiersten Cribs has launched a campaign to change the word ‘Amen’ to the more politically correct ‘Awomyn’.

“It’s probably the most used word at Church, and no one realizes how sexist it is,” said Cribs. “It’s basically saying that men are the answer to every prayer. How misogynist can you get?!”

When asked if she knew that the word came from the Hebrew for ‘Truth’ and is not about masculinity at all, Cribs laughed. “What is truth?” she said, and didn’t wait for a reply.

“It’s pretty clear that the Church is sexist and misogynist,” said Cribs. “Why is it called ‘The Our Father’ when we don’t know if God is a man or a woman. God could be a transgender disabled peoplekind, that spells their name with an ‘i-e-r’, not ‘e-r’ or ‘i-r’. We just don’t know.”



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