‘Fetuses are parasites’ says vice president who lives completely on extorted taxpayer money

WASHINGTON, DC—In a recent interview, Vice President Kamala Harris has found herself embroiled in controversy after referring to fetuses as “parasites.” The comment, which came during the first-ever trip of a vice president to an abortion mill, has sparked outrage and bewilderment among political opponents and supporters alike.

Harris, whose office is funded entirely by the hard-earned tax dollars of American citizens, made the statement while defending her stance on abortion rights. “Let’s be clear – a fetus is not a person, it’s a parasite,” she declared. “And as a woman who has the privilege of benefiting from the generosity of the American taxpayer, I believe that every woman should have the right to choose whether or not to host this parasitic life form.”

Critics were quick to pounce on Harris’s choice of words, with many accusing her of being out of touch and insensitive. “It’s appalling that the Vice President would refer to unborn children as parasites,” said Republican Senator John Smith. “This kind of language is not only callous, but it also undermines the very foundations of our society.”

Others pointed out the irony of Harris’s statement, given that her entire lifestyle is funded by the taxpayers. “She’s living off the money that hardworking Americans have earned,” said conservative commentator Jane Doe. “And she has the audacity to call someone else a parasite? It’s just beyond belief.”

Despite the backlash, Harris has remained steadfast in her position, insisting that her comments were taken out of context. In a statement released by her office, she said, “I stand by my words and my belief in a woman’s right to choose. As for my own lifestyle, I am proud to serve the American people and will continue to work tirelessly on their behalf.”

As the controversy continues to swirl, one thing is for certain: Vice President Harris has once again managed to ignite a fiery debate about the role of government in our lives. And while some may question her choice of words, there’s no denying that her statements have certainly gotten people talking.


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