Kate Middleton tweets out selfie of her and her kids on the moon; crazy conspiracy theorists doubt its legitimacy

LONDON—In a stunning revelation that has left the internet reeling, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken to Twitter to share a selfie of herself and her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, standing on the surface of the moon. The photo, which was posted earlier today, has sparked a flurry of speculation and conspiracy theories, with some questioning the authenticity of the lunar landing.

The photo, taken against the backdrop of the Earth and a star-studded sky, shows the royal family clad in spacesuits and posing for the camera. The Duchess can be seen holding a small British flag, while her children appear to be examining the moon’s surface with a mixture of awe and delight.

While many have praised the royal family for their good-natured sense of humor and willingness to engage in some lighthearted fun, others have raised eyebrows at the seemingly staged nature of the photo. Some conspiracy theorists have gone as far as to suggest that the entire scene was orchestrated by palace PR to boost the family’s image among younger generations.

One particularly vocal skeptic, internet sensation @MoonLandingTruther, has taken to social media to voice their concerns. “I mean, come on – Kate Middleton on the moon? It’s just too perfect. I’m calling fakery,” they tweeted.

Others have questioned the timing of the photo, which comes just weeks after the palace announced plans for a new space-themed exhibit at Buckingham Palace. Some have suggested that the selfie may be a clever PR stunt designed to drum up public interest in the upcoming attraction.

Despite the controversy, the Duchess has yet to comment on the authenticity of the photo. However, sources close to the royal family have dismissed the conspiracy theories, insisting that the selfie was simply a candid moment captured during a family outing to a local planetarium.

In the meantime, the internet continues to buzz with speculation and debate, with some even creating their own satirical memes and parodies of the now-infamous photo. As the mystery deepens, one thing is for certain: the royal family has once again captured the world’s attention – and this time, it’s with a giant leap for mankind.


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