Rumors have spread like wildfire about the former president’s death. What was the cause? Health experts have now confirmed that George HW Bush–known as Bush 41–died from death.

He has suffered from many ailments, including a Parkinson’s-like disease which left him paralyzed, several recent bouts of pneumonia, and what experts call ‘broken heart syndrome’ after his wife of 73 years died.

But experts have confirmed none of that killed him and that the cause of death was in fact death.

“He just died,” Dr. Simmy Timpkins of Houston Methodist Hospital said in a statement. “The guy was 94 years old for Pete’s sake. Can’t someone just die from death without all the speculation?”

“Was is pneumonia? Was it vascular Parkinson’s? No, it was just death.”

“Of course,” Timpkins added, “the flu shot he got a couple days before probably didn’t help.”

Death is the leading cause of death among people 45 and older.


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