Ocasio-Cortez says Tide pod challenge can work if it’s a ‘democratic’ Tide pod challenge

Facing mounting criticism on her position about the dangerous Tide pod challenge, newly-elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doubling down.

“The Tide pod challenge can work,” she said in an interview, “if it’s a democratic Tide pod challenge.”

Ocasio-Cortez is making the distinction in hopes of allaying fears that she’s advocating a mass suicide through the Tide pod challenge.

“Look, the Tide pod challenge has gotten a lot of bad press and hurt a lot of people. To be honest, it’s not very smart. But democratic Tide pod challenge is different and it’s the future.”

When pressed on how democratic Tide pod challenges are different from Tide pod challenges, she explained, “Well, the democratic part is very important because it means that everyone’s involved and has a say in how the Tide pod is inserted into their mouths and the detergent destroys the esophagus and stomach lining.”

“Taking it out of the democratic process can be very harmful, but in the context of democracy, it’s really great for you!”

Former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was the first to bite into the new and improved Tide pod challenge. He was rushed to the hospital with internal bleed 10 minutes later.


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