Google admits its Gemini AI just takes its historical figures from Netflix films

In a stunning admission, Google has revealed that its highly touted Gemini AI, which generates lifelike images of historical figures, relies heavily on Netflix documentaries where all white people are portrayed as black.

The Gemini AI, touted as a groundbreaking tool for bringing history to life, has come under fire after it was discovered that many of the historical figures it generates are strikingly similar to characters from Netflix documentaries with a curious twist – they’re all black.

“We deeply regret any confusion caused by the Gemini AI,” said a spokesperson for Google. “It seems that our algorithm may have inadvertently drawn inspiration from a rather limited pool of historical content on certain streaming platforms.”

Indeed, a quick glance at the Gemini-generated historical figures reveals an uncanny resemblance to characters from popular Netflix documentaries such as “Black Cleopatra” and “The Underground Railroad: Reloaded.”

“We strive for accuracy and diversity in our AI-generated images,” continued the spokesperson. “But it seems that in this case, our AI may have taken a few creative liberties with history.”

The revelation has sparked outrage among historians and educators, who worry that the Gemini AI’s distorted portrayal of historical figures could lead to a skewed understanding of the past.

“This is outrageous,” exclaimed one historian. “History is complex and nuanced, and it’s dangerous to oversimplify it or misrepresent it for the sake of entertainment.”

Despite the backlash, Google insists that it is committed to improving the accuracy and diversity of its AI-generated content.

“We are actively working to address this issue and ensure that our AI algorithms draw from a more diverse range of historical sources,” the spokesperson stated. “In the meantime, we encourage users to approach Gemini-generated images with a critical eye and to seek out additional sources for a more comprehensive understanding of history.”

As Google works to rectify the situation, one thing is clear – the Gemini AI may need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to depicting historical figures in a more accurate and respectful manner.


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