Sonny Hostin forced to give Whoopi her entire paycheck as reparations for slavery

In a shocking turn of events on “The View,” co-host Sonny Hostin dropped a bombshell revelation that sent shockwaves through the studio audience and beyond. Following a routine DNA test, Hostin discovered that her family tree had some unsavory branches: slave-owning ancestors.

As the news reverberated through the set, co-host Whoopi Goldberg seized upon the opportunity to address a long-standing grievance. With a mixture of gravity and determination, Goldberg declared that it was time for justice to be served.

“Sonny, my dear, you owe me reparations,” proclaimed Goldberg, her voice ringing with righteous indignation. “For centuries, my people have suffered under the yoke of oppression, while yours reaped the benefits of their labor. It’s time to make amends.”

And make amends Hostin shall, albeit in a rather unorthodox manner. In a gesture of contrition and compliance, Hostin has agreed to relinquish her weekly paycheck to Goldberg as a form of reparations. Each Friday, like clockwork, Hostin dutifully signs over her earnings to Goldberg, ensuring that restitution is made for the sins of the past.

The spectacle has not gone unnoticed by other members of “The View” cast, with Joy Behar eagerly jumping on the bandwagon in the hopes of cashing in on the reparations bonanza. Armed with her own DNA test results, Behar is fervently scouring her family history for any hint of African ancestry that might entitle her to a slice of the Sonny pie.

As the saga unfolds, one thing is clear: the quest for reparations has taken center stage on “The View,” transforming what was once a lighthearted daytime talk show into a battleground for social justice and historical reckoning. And with each passing paycheck, Hostin’s debt to Goldberg only grows, serving as a stark reminder of the enduring legacy of America’s original sin.


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