Hospital CEO wonders where all the nurses went after he fired them for not getting jab

EDGEWOOD, TX—St. Luke’s Hospital CEO Jimmy Onenutt is wondering where all the nurses went after he just fired them for not getting the experimental gene therapy COVID vaccines.

“We are facing a dire shortage of healthcare workers,” Onenutt said at a press conference announcing the shortage. “And we simply don’t know where all the nurses went.”

Onenutt fired 17 nurses last week after they refused to abide a new mandate and get the COVID vaccine.

“My staffing policies are 100% safe and effective, so I don’t think that led to the nursing shortage,” Onenutt said.

Nurses around the country are rejecting mandatory vaccines after combatting the disease for 18 months without one.

“I worked on the frontline for 18 months during the pandemic and I got COVID so my antibodies are fine, but now all of the sudden I’m a public health threat?” Houston nurse Florence Nightingale said.

“It’s just strange that we have a staffing problem when we pay the best rates and have great health care. It’s a mystery where our nurses went,” Onenutt added.


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