It’s racist to include vaccinated people in COVID death data right now

COVID is not done. Not even close.

As CNN and MSNBC have made very clear, we’re having a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It’s horrific. And it’s completely unnecessary.

100% of all the COVID deaths now are of unvaccinated people—and by unvaccinated, I mean people who are unvaccinated and those who were vaccinated.

It is totally racist and bigoted to not include the vaccinated in the group of people considered unvaccinated because vaccines save lives and if you think that vaccines should save lives disproportionately for cis white people, then you are clearly a racist and anti-science.

Just listen to this racist try to claim that all the people in New South Wales ICUs have been vaccinated:


This person claims we shouldn’t be “alarmed” by their disgusting racism:

This is science people. You must trust the science.

Don’t question it or me. I have several degrees including a PhD in Biochemical Gender Coloring Book Theory. I’m no Anthony Fauci, but you must respect the degrees.

Stop being racist. Only unvaccinated people are dying.


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