Labour ‘pretty sure’ they lost because they didn’t call enough people racist

Prime Minister Boris Johnson exceeded all expectations in Thursday’s U.K. general election, and his landslide victory makes the U.K. all but certain to exit the European Union early next year.

Labour spokesmen said that they are “pretty sure” they lost so many seats because, “they didn’t call enough people ‘racist’.”

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, said, “We clearly didn’t call enough people racist during this campaign. We’re going to have to step up our game next election and call people racist 50 percent more.”

Corbyn announced he would not be heading another election campaign after Thursday’s crushing defeat.

By the numbers so far (with the change from 2017’s results):

  • Conservatives: 364 seats (+47)
  • Labour: 203 (-59)
  • Scottish National Party (SNP): 48 (+13)
  • Liberal Democrats: 11 (-1)
  • Brexit: 0 (0)

Some Labour supporters are already getting a jump on the next election, calling people old racists right out of the gate:


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