Liberals take break from mourning gun deaths of innocent kids to demanding the abortion deaths of other innocent kids

US—Several abortion rights activists around the country have taken a break from mourning the deaths of the innocent kids killed by a psychopath in Uvalde, Texas to demand the deaths of other innocent kids by psychopathic doctors and mothers.

“We really love when innocent kids are killed but by all means it should be done in the right place—the womb, not the school!” Patrice Watkins of Vacuums not Guns, LLC said.

The group of several hundred hypocrites usually gather at the state house in Austin, Texas to protest the NRA for promoting guns and gun ownership.

Angry chants of “Guns kills the babies!” were replaced with happy cheers of “Doctors please kill the babies!”

“It’s pretty simple. We want babies to die, but we just don’t want them to die by being shot. We want them to be killed in the safe environment of a doctor’s office,” Watkins said.


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