Local obnoxious little twit thinks he is smart enough to run the country

We’ve all seen it. These young little know-it-all’s who come in with guns a blazing telling everybody why they’re wrong. Well, welcome to the 2020 Democratic Presidential run, let’s give one particularly obnoxious little twit named Pete Buttigieg a round of applause.

This young-un has all the hardware the old fogies shuffling around big donor money love. A Rhodes scholar who worked for one of those management consultant companies that has made a killing cutting middle class jobs, and let’s not forget he once won a tight race for student council in high school.

This obnoxious little twit thinks he can run your life better than you, and that he has the proven formula to, wait for it, Make America Great Again. Welcome to the 2020 Democratic primaries, where voters can either choose a candidate a few years away from incontinence, or one who just got out of diapers.

Choose well.


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