Local toddler barely escapes horrifying persecution of being given the “red” cup.

“It was probably the worst experience of his life,” little Jared’s mother explained. Her son narrowly escaped the horrifying experience of being given the “red” cup instead of the “green” cup.

“I thought the Holocaust was over after the US defeated the Nazis in WWII. Little did we all know that it was still going on in my kitchen!” she said.

Jared cried for about an hour after being handled the red plastic cup with whole fat milk with DHA supplements, witnesses said.

One psychologist on the scene likened the effect of being given the wrong cup to a drone bomb destroying his entire house.

“He kept screaming, ‘I want the green cup!’ It was clearly very traumatic,” Jared’s mother said.

After the unmitigated torture he experienced, his brother belched and Jared started laughing, completely forgetting about the cup incident.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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