Mario Lopez disapproves of giving toddlers cancer-causing hormones, is burned at the stake

Well this escalated quickly. During an interview with world renowned white-supremacist, Candace Owens, Mario Lopez let his bigotry show. He said it is a bad idea to promote transgenderism to toddlers.

What a horrible person. I once loved Mario, aka AC Slater, for reminding me everyday how cool it would be to be cool. But now he just proved that he is an awful, terrible, no good, hate inciting, BIGOT! It is none of his business if a three-year-old identifies as another gender. It is none of his business if doctors inject that 3-year-old with hormones until the child gets cancer. What ever happened love is love and mind your own business?

Fortunately several level-headed people went and found Mr. Lopez, dragged him out to the court square, tied him to a wooden pole, and burned him at the stake. It is so uplifting to see that love still wins in America in the end.


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