Kamala Harris’ innovative new healthcare plan will imprison everyone so they can go to the doctor for free

Now, this is thinking outside of the box. Fed up with the labyrinth of bureaucracy that healthcare in America must be navigated through, Kamala Harris put her years as a District Attorney in California to work.

The way I see it, we need to make universal healthcare a top priority in 2020, but those bigoted hateful Republicans have stonewalled every effort to accomplish this. As a prosecutor, I changed millions of peoples lives by locking them up so that they could go to the doctor as often as necessary without paying a single dime. Those poor guys, and transwomen of course, deliberately got caught committing victimless crimes specifically because they wanted to go to jail for free healthcare. So my thinking is, lets just open up the prisons to everyone. Not literally of course, it would be crazy to let people come and go to prison as they please, so we will just lock everybody up.

This is innovative thinking and the reason why Mrs. Harris is one of the top Democratic candidates. If you cannot bring the universal healthcare out of the prisons to America then lets put all Americans into jail so they can see the doctor anytime they want.

Harris recently released a campaign Monopoly game in which all the spaces are “Go To Jail”.


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