Megan Rapinoe talks about what it was like growing up as Desmond is Amazing

Megan Rapinoe is the leader of the US Women’s National Soccer Team and she just led them to their second consecutive World Cup win and led the campaign for more interest in their the women’s sport. We sat down with her to learn about her and find out what it was like growing up as Desomond is Amazing.

GT: So what was it like to win the World Cup?

Rapinoe: Trump is awful. He needs to do it better.

GT: Mmmkay, what about the winning the biggest competition in your sport?

Rapinoe: We need to be paid more–on par with the men, who make much more for sucking.

GT: So, this is about money to you?

Rapinoe: Shut your bigoted face, homophobe.

GT: So, tell us what it was like growing up as Desmond is Amazing.

Rapinoe: To tell you the truth, it was … amazing. I got all the attention and really stood out from my peers. It’s more difficult when you get older and have to do something worthwhile to be popular.

GT: Are you glad that you became a woman in order to dominate the sport of soccer?

Rapinoe: I’m so triggered. Did I mention how bad Trump is?


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