Women’s US soccer team demands equal interest in their sport

In the wake of the US women’s soccer team’s World Cup win Sunday, a new petition is demanding that the people be equally interested in their sport as in the men’s sport.

The US women’s soccer team has won four World Cups in total since the early 1990s, while the men have won zilch.

Despite this, the women’s sport just isn’t as popular as the men’s sport. More people watched the women’s World Cup final in the US because the US team was in it, but barely and the entire cup viewership didn’t come close to the 2018 viewership of 3.572 billion people.

“We are absolutely amazing,” star Megan Rapinoe said of herself and her team. “We demand that there is as much interest in our sport as the men’s.

“It’s 2019. Time that people be equally interested in watching women do things at about 94% the level of men,” Rapinoe added before taking an American flag off the wall and stomping on it.


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